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Next time! If you prefer a small apartment, consider booking with Airbnb. We love to visit the UNESCO protected areas, they never disappoint. Although Heimburg Castle is individually owned today, and not available for tours, you can still visit the town of Niederheimbach. We were a little disappointed first because we thought it was more of a “hop-on, hop-off” style, but it wasn’t in this area. I have to admit that I was pretending to be a princess in every single one we toured! NEUSCHWANSTEIN CASTLE, GERMANY. Touring this castle gives you insight into wonderful paintings and furniture. I love how different the castles are. We fell in love with the entire region. You can climb into the hillside, walking into the vineyards before exploring the remaining town towers and the town wall. Assmannshausen is also known as a health spa region with its warm thermal spring that has lithium rich water flowing through it. The village of Assmannshausen is well worth a visit during your time in the Rhine Valley. We also took the train back and it was a good thing because the return boat we would have taken wasn’t running all the way back to Mainz. It sounds like you had an amazing trip. What a fairy tale trip! Today the castle hosts many events including medieval games and romantic tours. My daughter is in Cologne for a convention and I am going with her. I will be there in October. Boarding our boat in St. Goar meant we were immediately greeted by two castles. It is the absolutely picture-perfect, postcard castle you may imagine as you close your eyes and daydream of Scottish castles. The feel of history-influenced rural terrain under my feet is home turf indeed as the long list of Aberdeenshire castles drifts once more into my crosshairs. From the rubble of your love My daughter is 6 she would love to see these. Hi Rosemary! Today the castle is privately owned, and is not available for tours. You got that rush and then you walk out the door We loved Germany as well, and can’t wait to go back! Read our full disclosure here. From the rubble of your love It was gorgeous and so relaxing!! Join us to follow along on our journeys as we give you practical tips and advice to help make your couples travel dreams come true. We are Marty and Michelle, That Texas Couple! Rheinstein was home to the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph von Habsburg where he founded the Noble Knighthood. Can’t believe I haven’t made it to Germany yet! Surrounded by lush vineyards, German fairy tale towns, and gorgeous medieval castles, you can’t help but feel like you have whisked away to a far off land as you explore this beautiful region. That Texas Couple is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Thanks, Harmony! All of those castles are absolutely stunning!! Marek R. Swadzba / 6. It’s funny, you’re cruising right along, and then suddenly, the whole ship breaks out into song! If you have time, definitely stop in Oberwesel. Last year I did see a few of these from a train ride east from Mannheim. The town of Niederheimbach is overlooked by Heimberg Castle. The Gutenfels Castle has been owned by the Falkenstein family since the 11th-century. Some allow you to get on and off, others don’t. Passed around several times, the castle fell into despair in the 1500s until it was purchased and rebuilt in 1834. Oh, you are going to love it. I’ve never been to this part of Germany but it seems great for the summer or fall. If you take a chauffeur driven or self-guided tour, you’re bound to come across one or more of them.Of course, an escorted “Irish” coach tour usually includes a stop at a medieval castle or two. I am so jealous. Hey there friend! F. Freya Ridings Lyrics. *This post contains affiliate links. The castle possesses a working drawbridge, a gorgeous courtyard with fabulous views of the Rhine, a garden still producing grapes, and a small chapel. Look up near the town of Rudesheim and among the vineyards you will see the ruins of another fabulous castle of the Rhine, Ehrenfels Castle. Several are individually owned, and therefore not tourable, but there are several that you can tour and even stay the night in! I would love to hear about some of your favorite towns. If castles are seats of power, they don’t get any mightier than Dublin Castle. From the rubble of your love I never noticed, And I hate that you're gone Deni, I know! Well, they didn’t want the Loreley to sink our ship, so they were serenading her, of course! Thanks, Amy! I think I could live there! We use Airbnb when we want to “live like a local.”  Haven’t tried Airbnb? Lovely photos! AZLyrics. I can’t get enough of Germany. Thanks, Ada! You ever thought I was You will catch your first view of the beautiful Inveraray Castle as you cross the old bridge into town. By purchasing through these links, we get a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks so much, Toni. Known for the wonderful white wine that has been exported from this area since the medieval ages, Bacharach is surrounded by vineyards just waiting to be explored.

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