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Crossing Lines is a German-French-Italian-American action-crime-thriller television series created by Edward Allen Bernero and Rola Bauer. Ein "Detective Sergeant" vom Scotland Yard stellt ihn vor die Wahl: Gefängnis oder Staatsdienst. Tommy McConnell wird gespielt von Richard Flood.Der irische Schauspieler startete 2005 mit ersten Theaterrollen und spielte 2007 in "Deirdre of the Sorrows" seine erste TV-Rolle. Mit 21 tötet Tommy in einem Ehrenkampf beinahe seinen Gegner. Some are tattoos mean Irish traveller, Grew up as traveller and lived in trailers, Hates his birthday because his father every year would remind them that they are getting closer to be charged as an adult. Tommy was an Irish Traveler and member of a large family. Seine Mutter schafft ihn nach London, wo Tommy als Stammgast diverser "Jugendeinrichtungen" noch mehr Hass auf die Engländer schiebt. Detective Arabella who joined in season 2 after Anne-Marie died explained to Detective Marco Constante that everybody went home after the events of Eva and Maj. Daniels deaths. Since the death of Anne- Marie Tommy has become very protective of the team to the point of lying to Maj. Daniels and saying he gave money to Sebastian to help out with gambling debts when he didn't. Tommy decided no one won, that there had to be a different way to live, and hoped by joining the police he might make a difference for everyone. Der irische Newcomer Richard Flood über eine Rolle mit beachtlichem Aggressionspotenzial. Richard Flood über Tommys schwierige Familiengeschichte und den New York-Dreh. He survives and is seen in the hospital when Maj. Daniels says he cannot lose another son Tommy replies that he is trying to sleep Maj Daniels walks away smiling. He is currently a weapons specialist and technician at the ICC. His other brother Sean was killed after robbing a cop's house. Detective Tommy McConnell is an officer in the Northern Ireland Police Service. That is why he and his brothers are so good. Crossing Lines Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Der irische Schauspieler startete 2005 mit ersten Theaterrollen und spielte 2007 in "Deirdre of the Sorrows" seine erste TV-Rolle. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Nebenbei macht der zornige Junge als Faustkämpfer Karriere. Im ICC-Team bleibt der Ire der Experte für Nahkampf, Schusswaffen und Sprengstoff. Ironically, it was because of his family that Tommy joined the police. Inspector Lennon locked Tommy in a cell with his father where they fought. Tommy McConnell hat im rauen Nordirland eine beinharte Kindheit als Dieb, Schläger und IRA-Unterstützer hinter sich gebracht.!tommy-mcconnell/c1jea,, Has tattoos on chest and arms. In the Pilot, Tommy was partnered with Inspector Sienna Pride. They bonded over their mutual estrangement from their families and shared a spark of attraction before her untimely death. In Crossing Lines geht es um die Entstehung und Arbeit einer Eliteeinheit, die vom Internationalen Strafgerichtshof (ICC) ins Leben gerufen wurde. The series premiered on June 9, 2013, at the screening for the Opening Ceremonies of the 53rd edition of the Festival de Télévision de Monte-Carlo, the first time the festival opened with a television series. She is also a member of the ICC. Staffel ab wurde von Adam Arndt am Samstag, den 12. Tommy speaks a secret language only known by travellers. Two months later, the cop committed suicide after Tommy humiliated him. Tommy McConnell wird gespielt von Richard Flood. Der Artikel The Crossing: ABC setzt Mysteryserie nach der 1. Sergeant Eva Vittoria is a former officer of the Nucleo Operativo Centrale di Sicurezza and current officer in Europol. "Crossing Lines" ist seine erste große Serienrolle in einer internationalen Produktion. Tommy vollzieht die Wende und beginnt seine Laufbahn bei der Polizei. Through out this season he is usually partnered with Eva. Tommy went to take revenge on the cop, but he and his family lived in similar conditions and Tommy refused to kill him in front of his children. Die Acion- und Law-Serie „ Crossing Lines “ handelt von einer Sondereinheit, die für den internationalen Strafgerichtshofs in Den Haag grenzüberschreitend das … In Desperation & Desperados, Tommy's younger brother Colin accused him of betraying their family and threatened to kill him. Mai 2018 um 01.45 Uhr erstmalig veröffentlicht. When he joined the police, his father put a hit out on him. Tommy's family although criminal do not deal in drugs. Verdorben wurde er bei «The Cop» allerdings nicht. At the end of season two Eva asks Tommy for help tracking some men down but as he is frantically calling her he is shot in the head. Bei «Crossing Lines» noch weniger. Tommy's father taught all his children how to shoot and make bombs. Detective Tommy McConnell is an officer in the Northern Ireland Police Service. Tommy and Eva have a special partnership she even bakes him a cake for his birthday. He is currently a weapons specialist and technician at the ICC. Tommy towards the end of the season becomes protective of Eva when she meets a Spanish man that is paying her attention, he gets jealous.

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