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If Demetrius and Dacian are direct ancestors of the Landgraab family, they would be the oldest known family members. The mentioned Gregory shares the same name with Gregory Landgraab of Oasis Landing. Most of the dungeon is actually above ground level. I tried renovating the awful Landgraab mansion in The Sims 4 Meanwhile, though Geoffrey's personality remains almost unchanged, his career is changed from medicine to secret agent, something which the family bio implies will create tension in his marriage to Nancy, once it emerges that they operate on opposite sides of the law. Chester Landgraab: From a surname which originally belonged to a person who came from Chester, an old Roman settlement in Britain. This could be a coincidence, as it's highly unlikely that they're the same person; alternatively, the Gregory from Oasis Landing could be named for the original Gregory. The name is now associated with Kermit the Frog. Christina is a brilliant scientist who is just a tad self-centered...she has created clones of herself so she can have the "perfect" family. The Sims Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. He is a rich gentleman, but it’s unknown whether he really is related to the Landgraab family or only shares their surname. Unlike the Landgraab families from other worlds, the family is unplayable at the start of the game. He currently lives in Oasis Springs. Despite being his descendants, the Landgraab family has no easier time navigating his chateau in Champs Les Sims. Brilliant. His appearance and the appearance of his home are reminiscent of Dudley Landgraab and Dudley's Trailer in the original timeline's console spin-offs; since it's not clear whether "Johnny" is his real first name or part of his stage name, it's possible that he is the alternate universe's version of Dudley. Who should (name) bring in for questioning? The event reads: (Sim Name) was scoping out another job when he noticed that Magnus Landgraab was getting a delivery of expensive solid platinum induction coils for some nefarious purpose. Now he has eyes on the mayor's office as he grooms his son to take over the business centers in town. Egal, ob ihr Fans der "Men in Black" seid, Roswell und die Area 51 spannend findet oder einfach nur eine neue Herausforderung für eure Sims sucht - mit dem neuen Gameplaypack "StrangerVille" für "Die Sims 4" bekommt ihr eine spaßige Geschichte geliefert, die in der gleichnamigen, neuen Nachbarschaft in einem geheimnisvollen Wüstenstädtchen spielt. Will Christina keep her family together through any means necessary, or will she accept that her clones have independent dreams and lives of their own? In The Sims Medieval: Pirates & Nobles, a family under the name of Landegraab appears. It is theorized that they are the same person, but Bustin' Out's Malcolm's malevolent behavior contradicts The Sims 3's Malcolm's Good trait, making this unlikely. While they live in a large and expensive house, they start out with §10,000 in funds. His portrait, which is available in buy mode, includes a short bio. 354k members in the thesims community. Four fireplaces, a massive kitchen, formal and informal living areas, a large custom pool, two car garage, and elegant neoclassical landscaping round out its elegant features. In The Sims, The Sims: Hot Date and The Sims: Vacation, Admiral Landgraab is mentioned as another historical figure with an extensive background. In the sequel, The Sims Bustin' Out, Malcolm and Mom divorce and he flies into a rage of repossessing everyone's money and goods before the player stops him. Which spelling is used depends on which game or expansion pack introduced the object or place or Sim that used it. The Landgraab family reappeared in Oasis Landing. Landgraab: as in "land grabbing", which is an illegal method for businessmen to earn more land assets by taking land in possession of poor people who cannot afford to make a deed from lawyers. Geoffrey Landgraab: means either "territory peace", "stranger peace", "hostage peace" or "god's peace". It is likely that he lived after Gregory, as that would give the family time to gain prestige, but this is not confirmed. These are just a few words the locals use to describe the Landgraab family, whose entrepreneurial ambitions can't be stopped by anything but their own mistakes. Will their secrets tear them apart or will they continue to build a wealthy dynasty. The Admiral’s surname, Landgraab, was changed to Landgraaf in the Dutch translations of the game. Ruthless. It's definitely not suitable for Sims with young children as currently designed. Wren's Fens National Park on Vacation Island is described as one of his first colonial acquisitions, an Admiral Landgraab nutcracker can be bought on Vacation Island, and some items refer to him. I have Vampire mods, Ghost Mods, Social Mods, Death Mods, Pregnancy Mods, along with blogs along with Sims 3 & 4 … Man kennt ihn jedoch schon aus älteren Versionen des Spiels. Skip to content. From the description of the event it can be concluded that Magnus is male thief or evil inventor whose "plans never work". The Landgraabs seem like the perfect family; wealthy, well-mannered, brilliant. Ridiculously wealthy. An elegant home on the most exclusive circle in town, this stately manor resounds with grandeur. Its size and placement are just right for it to be a garage, with the addition of a driveway, a garage door, and, of course, a car. The house is large by Sims-standards, and features a large office and balcony, a hot tub, and indoor swimming pool. The household consists of Gregory, Cheryl, Timothy, Lara and the family Plumbot, Model U. Depending on the player's choices, a senator named Malcolm Landgraab can be killed as part of a government conspiracy. Like their former incarnations, Geoffrey and Nancy are adults; Malcolm, however, has been aged up from a child to a teen. In The Sims 3, the Landgraab family lives in a luxurious mansion on 10 Summer Hill Court, in Sunset Valley. Johnny's bio explains that the family disowned him when he announced his intention to become a professional comedian, and that subsequently he now uses his stage name all the time. The neighborhood view shows that his initial net worth is around §197,000, but he starts out with around §28,000 in funds. Nancy's family more or less founded the town, so it was no surprise that when she married Geoffrey, it was Geoffrey who changed his last name, not Nancy. The house has very expensive furniture, many of it new mission-style furnishings that are featured in Open For Business. Malcolm Landgraab: "devotee of (Saint) Columba". However, it does not specify who exactly founded the town. It is also mentioned several times in The Sims 3 that Nancy's family, helped start the town. In Open for Business expansion pack, Malcolm Landgraab IV is introduced as a bachelor in a very large mansion in Bluewater Village. It is now usually regarded as an independent name. Gregory shares the same name as Gregory Landgraab who is mentioned in the chance card of adventurer career in The Sims 2: Seasons, as stated above. Also worth noting is that there are several blank white walls on the upstairs portion of the house, and while they are painted an "off-white", the player might prefer to revamp the second floor to match the rest of the house's interior. In both the main timeline and alternate timeline, Geoffrey Landgraab is Nancy's husband and they have a son named Malcolm. They had a son named Malcolm, a smart child who Nancy is attempting to make a proper heir, however, it is stated that Nancy is too busy with work and publicity to dote on Malcolm, so although he is friends with his parents, he has a better relationship with his father than his mother and constantly dreams of being a doctor every time his father gets a promotion. Admiral Landgraab's first name is not given, and his relationship to the Malcolm Landgraab IV of Bluewater Village and the Landgraabs of Sunset Valley is unknown.

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