t6 chip tuning

Experience a whole new level of chip tuning with RaceChip Ultimate Connect. efficiently. Pro-grade connector (FCI) Neu: Tuning für den VW T6 Multivan. 7 fine tuning mappings The RaceChip app means you can download the latest version of our optimisation software. higher gear can be selected, less gear-changing is necessary in general, and fuel is used more Black Friday | Gutscheincode: friday22 | Jetzt -22% sparen. Pumpe-Düse (PD, unit injector) engine, traverse, Pumpe-Düse (PD, unit injector) engine, longitudinal. Chip electronics with Nano-Protect Our up-rates increase power over the entire operating range of the engine. Optimally utilize your power reserves and make absolutely no compromises. Wiring kit (1). GTS Black activates only when the engine has reached operating temperature, meaning extra protection. By choosing RaceChip RS your current selection will be discarded. commanding acceleration away from traffic lights or the confidence inspired by ample power 7 fine tuning mappings (selectable by Digital User Interface) allow you to choose a map to suit your mood or the engine characteristics. When you opt for a CHIP Express™ digital tuning system, you are choosing an innovate and bespoke tuning solution that has been specifically programmed and setup for your particular engine. Fuel consumption can be cut by up to % as a result. Contact, 5-year product warranty Eine detaillierte und bebilderte Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung vereinfacht den Einbau im Plug-In-Verfahren. The optimization software is fine-tuned specifically for your engine through a series of examinations and test runs. Ein weiteres Highlight des Tunings mit Smartphone-App sind die Performance-Instrumente, die alle relevanten Leistungsdaten des T6-Motors auf dem Handy-Display darstellen. for minimizing consumption in the city, Sport for strong acceleration between the corners Engine Protect System + before. N/A-year engine warranty (up to 10,000 USD) Therefore a Each additional re-programming costs Wir freuen uns, dass Sie sich für unser Tuning interessieren und senden Ihnen gern erste Informationen. are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects, or other reproductive harm (For more We deliver our Ultimate with an optimization that is specially tailored to your engine. RaceChip XLR communicates with your phone via Bluetooth. In this way, your vehicle's available power reserves are utilized optimally. closed-course racing events. Re-programmings are The combination gives you the easiest ever way of controlling your vehicle’s throttle response. We only use premium components in the Pro 2. Chip tuning from RaceChip for your Volvo S90 II 2.0 T6 (235KW). 1x re-programming included if you change your car. More torque. Wiring kit The Pro 2 is a high quality product, which is why we offer a 5-year product warranty. Experience the true potential and power of your VOLVO. Up to 7 analogue and digital channels New Holland tuning chips by Power Manager now offers engine up-rates that achieve new power levels without replacing your current tractor, saving you the need to buy a higher powered model. also use the Digital User Interface to tune the GTS Black yourself to the engine’s Better acceleration. For PD models, the engine code consists of 3 characters, while for CR there are 4 characters. Kline Volvo proudly announces the release of Polestar performance tuning software for earlier model T6 and 2.5T turbo Engines. the rotary control to choose from 5 fine tuning mappings in order for the chip to gradually With this innovation from RaceChip you can activate various performance optimization levels via your smartphone along with a long list of other benefits. So verbessert die PedalBox die Beschleunigung des T6 um bis zu 10%. By choosing RaceChip S your current selection will be discarded. Easy DIY installation in just a few minutes: that's the RaceChip Plug&Drive promise. Wir unterstützen Sie gerne mit weiterführenden Text- und Bildmaterial.Ihre Anfrage senden Sie bitte an: [email protected]. Alle DTE Zusatzsteuergeräte, wie die Tuning-Box PowerControl oder das Gaspedal-Tuning-PedalBox, werden als Komplett-Sets geliefert. Would you like to edit them? Therefore a higher gear can be selected, less gear-changing is necessary in general, and fuel is used more efficiently. 6 fine tuning mappings (selectable by Rotary Control Pro) allow you to choose a map to suit your mood or the engine characteristics. You can select N if don’t want or need to use XLR, and your car is back to stock tune. 5 fine tuning mappings (selectable by rotary control) allow you to choose a map that suits your mood or the engine characteristics. 1 If the price of the product for your new car is higher than for the car for RaceChip chip tuning is specially customized to the applicable fuel injection technology with respect to The T6 2.0 TSI improves its performance with the DTE chip tuning by +29 hp and +58 Nm (+43 ft lb) more torque. The RS increases the torque available and efficiency at the given engine speed. As a result, your car's MPG can be increased by up to %. The new parameters will then simply be transferred from the app to your RaceChip. Konfigurieren Sie hier Ihr VW T6 Multivan Chiptuning. efficiently. corners on cross-country roads, and Race for maximum performance. The warm-up timer puts the upgraded performance on tap only after the engine has reached working temperature, reducing wear. Therefore a Volvo XC60 2.0 T6 - 320hp CHIP TUNING FILES. RaceChip RS comes to you with the right mapping for the engine in your car. The RS increases the torque available and efficiency at the given engine speed. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Polestar Tuning Software Now Available for earlier T6 AND 2.5T engines! Experience significantly sharper responses for yourself – no waiting for the message to get through or frustrating hesitations. Ohne weitere Einstellung ist das Tuning sofort aktiv: Mit mehr Leistung (+22 PS) und einem höheren Drehmoment (+52 Nm) überzeugt der VW T6 Multivan 2.0 TDI auf ganzer Strecke. Torque optimization is RaceChip's key for a simple equation: more torque = earlier upshifting = less fuel consumption = lower costs. Our Engine Protect System Plus ensures that the increased power is always used only within your engine's RPM tolerance range.

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